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GKE-5006AN-Glycanase® (recombinant gene from Elizabethkingia meningoseptica, expressed in E. coli)

NOTE: The source organism was previously known as Chryseobacterium [Flavobacterium] meningosepticum.

[Peptide-N-Glycosidase F, PNGase F], cleaves all asparagine-linked complex, hybrid or high mannose oligosaccharides unless α(1-3) core fucosylated; asparagine must be peptide-bonded at both termini. Phosphate, sulfate and sialic acid groups attached to the oligosaccharide do not affect cleavage. Endo F free.

"A & B" pack sizes ship with:

  • WS0010 5x N-Glycanase Reaction Buffer
  • WS0012 Denaturation Solution
  • WS0013 Detergent Solution
  • WS0145 5x N-Glycanase Tris Reaction Buffer (MS applications)

"D" pack size does not ship with the above buffers.

Not formulated for FACE® analysis, use GK50050 instead.

1 ea (100mU in 40 µl)$244/ea