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January 3, 2003 

Dear Customer,

ProZyme is pleased to announce its acquisition of the Glyko® line of enzymes, reagents and supplies for carbohydrate analysis. Please find BioMarin¬ís announcement letter concerning the purchase at:

We intend to offer the product lines previously supplied by Glyko. To provide continuity and avoid confusion, ProZyme product codes will use the Glyko product code with a GK prefix. For example, the 50004 ANTS Labeling Reagent Pack may now be ordered from ProZyme as GK50004 Glyko® FACE® ANTS Labeling Reagent Pack. The Glyko purchase represents a significant number of new products for us. We encourage you to place orders with us for your requirements; this will help us to prioritize our efforts.

We thank you for your patience during the transfer process.

Best regards,

Jo Wegstein



Note: Glyko, Inc. acquired the biochemical reagent line of Oxford GlycoSciences, Ltd on May 4, 1999. That product line was acquired by ProZyme, Inc. as part of the Glyko purchase.